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The New York City Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP),  the first such municipal program in the nation, was established recently by New York City Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) “to ensure that sites with light to moderate levels of contamination” (known as brownfields) “can be cleaned up and redeveloped in a manner that protects public health and the environment.”


Our New York City VCP services include all the phases of the program, from the initial environmental site assessment and investigation to successful completion of the cleanup.  While the program must meet the same procedures, standards and regulations as the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program, our expertise and experience of working with OER and its staff on multiple projects within the program allow us to expedite every single project.  OER plays a major role in streamlining the program’s process.


As part of our New York City VCP services, we also assist our clients with obtaining incentive grants via the NYC Brownfield Incentive Grant (BIG) Program and with receiving additional financial incentives by participating in New York City Clean Soil Bank.   


NYC VCP is explained in details here.



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