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The New York City E-Designation Environmental Review Program is administered and managed by New York City Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation (OER).  A site (or a tax lot) may have an E-Designation for Hazardous Materials, Air Quality, and Window/Wall Noise Attenuation or one or more of the three types of these environmental designations.


Our “E” Designation services provide smooth and successful completion of the implementation and review of OER’s program process.  The process is site-specific and each designation (Hazardous Materials, Air Quality, and Window/Wall Noise Attenuation) has its own specific process.


We work together with our clients, their project Architects, Structural Engineers and Mechanical Engineers and take each project from its initial submittal to OER to its final completion.


With the wealth of knowledge and experience of working with OER and its staff on multiple projects within the program, we obtain every milestone approval within an extremely short timeframe, allowing our clients to proceed with their projects with minimal delays.


NYC E-Designation Program is explained in details here.



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